Wonderful Small Balcony Ideas

What do you see on your balcony? Though it is a small balcony, you have to turn it into a cozy space. And though you don’t like spending time in there, you still need small balcony ideas that can help you turn the small space into a beautiful spot.

Your balcony is a visible space. Everyone outside can see what you have on the balcony. If it is well organized and even decorated, everyone who sees your balcony will adore it and wonder who the great guy behind it is. So, try one of these 12 balcony ideas at home.

Excellent Balcony Ideas for Small Spaces

Below you will find as many as 12 ideas for making beautiful and cool little balcony decorations.

1. Multi-purpose balcony furniture

If you love reading your favorite novels on the balcony, prepare some small thin wooden benches that you can pile up to create a chair. When you’re going to use the balcony alone, pile up those benches and then place some cushions on the chair.

But when you’re going to spend your time with some friends, align those wooden benches and add some cushions on them. You’ll get enough seats for everyone.

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2. Unique small balcony garden ideas with bamboo

To earn more privacy and block anyone who wants to know what you have in your balcony garden, leverage the bamboo screening like this one. It is protecting your balcony from everyone’s eyes while matching the green garden on the balcony.

If you need to place some chairs on the balcony, consider the ones that are made of rattan or woods to enhance the natural atmosphere.

3. Small comfortable balcony space

Small Balcony Ideas
Source: thespruce.com

For some people, having an open balcony is a disaster, especially if the balcony faces someone’s balcony. If you face the same problem, consider having a reed screening like this one. It looks natural but is able to protect your space from anyone.

Add some lighting around the fencing so what people can see from your balcony is just the beauty of the reed screening and adorable lighting.

4. Minimalist but cozy small balcony ideas

Small Balcony Ideas
Source: decoholic.org

Have you ever considered getting a bohemian styled balcony? Give it a try by completing your small balcony with cozy seating such as these chairs made of wicker. Complete the chairs with white cushions that will keep you feeling comfortable every time you sit there.

Adjust the ornaments with bohemian style. Then complete the balcony with some ball-shaped lamps on the fencing and on the small table.

5. Modern condo balcony idea

Small Balcony Ideas
Source: i.pinimg.com

Black and white is always able to make your patio and balcony look modern. Use black for the accent wall, floor, seating, and planter. Since black is going to make your balcony look gloomy, you need to hang some decorative lamps on the accent wall.

Then spread some fresh colors to decorate the balcony like green plants on the planter, fresh flowers on the table, and peach or coral-colored cushions on the seating.

6. Simple but elegant privacy screen

Small Balcony Ideas
Source: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

To hide everything you have in your balcony, you need a privacy screen. And among so many privacy screen options, consider this most elegant option: the white curtain. All you need to prepare is just a long and wide white curtain.

Hang that curtain until it covers your seating area of the balcony. Then start decorating your balcony with candles, potted plants, or anything else you prefer.

7. The right furniture for an open deck

Small Balcony Ideas
Source: wp.com

Before purchasing or making DIY furniture for your balcony, you need to know the climate you have around your house. Your balcony furniture must be able to face the extreme weather. If the furniture is going to be made of wood, make sure the wood can withstand the heavy rain and sunlight.

Also, if you decide to complete the seats with cushions, make sure there is a store where you can hide them when they’re not in use, to protect them from water and sun.

8. Very small balcony ideas with windows

Small Balcony Ideas
Source: decorsteps.com

For a very small balcony, a small hanging chair like this is a brilliant idea. The chair doesn’t touch the floor which means there will be extra space on the floor. You can also leave the furniture outside since the glass windows are protecting them from the weather.

Since you cannot hang the plants on the balcony railing, you will need to attach them to the wall. Vertical plants are the best way to save space.

9. Fun balcony with urban style

Small Balcony Ideas
Source: cdn.apartmenttherapy.info

Another idea to decorate a small balcony on a budget is using the hammock. Hammock will give you a nice spot to enjoy your free time. Besides, it requires very easy maintenance. If you prefer using hammocks made of fabric, make sure you protect it from the rain.

Also, you can complete your hammock with some colorful cushions. Those cushions will not only make you feel more comfortable but also help you decorate the balcony.

10. Vegetables garden balcony idea

Source: picsbrowse.com

It is a brilliant idea to grow some vegetables on your balcony. When you need to cook something, what you have to do is just pick the veggies from the outside. It saves your money while providing healthy food.

If there is enough space outside, complete the balcony with a set of small dining tables and two chairs. So now you can enjoy your dinner in your fresh garden.

11. A home gym in small balcony

Source: .merricksart.com

There is nothing better than seeing the view outside while running on the treadmill. If you’re trying to find a space for your cute personal gym space, consider leveraging your balcony. But make sure the glass windows are strong enough so they won’t break and put you in danger.

12. Colorful balcony inspired by India Holi

Source: scoopwhoop.com

India has a festival called Holi which involves bright colors. Now you can bring this festival to the balcony by spreading bright colors to the wall décor and the seating. Leave the door and walls and white to keep everything balanced.

Be brave in trying one of those small balcony ideas. Your small balcony deserves a new look. Make sure you bring the best design to your balcony.

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